Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tips on Finding the Best Orthotic Therapy in Auckland

 Do you think you can benefit from orthotic therapy in Auckland? How do you choose which clinic to go to? In this short article, we give you tips on finding effective orthotic therapy services in Auckland.

But first, Are You a Candidate for Orthotics?

Orthotic therapy can help people with the following symptoms, which seem to get worse when running, walking, or standing and cannot seem to be resolved by rest, stretching:

·         Leg length inequality
·         Sciatica
·         Sacroiliac pain
·         Muscle tension, pains, and spasms
·         Calf pain         
·         Shin splints
·         Posterior Tibial Tendon Disorder
·         Patello-Femoral Tracking Syndrome (grinding in the knee)
·         Heel spurs or foot arch pain
·         Bunions
·         Metatarsalgia (pain on the ball of the foot)

What Technologies Does the Orthotic Clinic Use?

Look for a clinic that can analyse your gait using the latest technologies. They should be able to prescribe custom foot orthotics to resolve underlying conditions that are causing your pain, as well as improve function. The best diagnostic tools allow chiropractors to analyse your biomechanics and design custom orthotic products.

What Steps Does the Clinic’s Orthotic Therapy Involve?

A good clinic in Auckland will not just give you orthotics without a physical examination conducted by their qualified chiropractor. They will take a look at your foot function, posture, and leg length. After this, you may need to walk across a gait analysis pressure plate. This will help the chiropractor assess how your foot moves while walking. The scans should be printed so you can take them home with you. The results of your physical examination will be analysed with the gait analysis report, and if appropriate, the chiropractor will recommend orthotics that are best suited to your needs and foot type. If you decide to buy the orthotics, the clinic places an order on your behalf. Your gait analysis data and the physical examination report are sent to the orthotics laboratory, and your custom orthotics are manufactured based on the specifications. They will be delivered to the clinic, where you can pick them up. Expect the process to take about a month.

5 Ways to Find Osteopaths in North Shore Auckland

If you are suffering from chronic muscle, joint, and back pain, then it is time to seek treatment from a specialist. An osteopath in North Shore, Auckland may be just what you need to find the root of the problem and address it. Osteopaths look at the body as a unit with the capacity to heal itself. With manual treatment, an osteopath can encourage your body to function freely and induce its self-healing ability. Here are five ways to find reputable osteopaths in North Shore:

  1. Find 'holistic chiropractic' practitioners – They integrate chiropractic care, nutrition, lifestyle advice, and exercise to promote health and wellness, and to treat various conditions. This approach for integrated care gives importance to all aspects of your lifestyle and your mind, body, and spirit before recommending a specific therapy that may combine alternative      and conventional medicine.

  1. Verify their credentials – Osteopaths go through proper training and education to identify conditions that require medical care. Hence, they might refer you to other health professionals like radiologists, specialists, and general practitioners, as well as other therapists to provide optimal service. Make sure that they are fully regulated and accredited to provide osteopathic treatments. Osteopaths in North Shore must be registered with the New Zealand Osteopathic Council.
  2. Explore the treatment options – Osteopaths use stretching and massage, as well as techniques that directly adjust specific joints. They may use indirect techniques like cranio-sacral therapy and gentle manipulation of tissues. Treatment must be tailored to the individual patient's condition.
  3. Make sure that they are registered – Find osteopaths that are certified and registered ACC treatment providers, so you can visit them directly, even without a referral from your general practitioner. Many private health insurance providers cover osteopathic consultations.
  4. Get a quote – Find at least two osteopaths and compare the quality of their service. Request a quote to learn more about the practitioners and to arrange a free consultation.